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7th Consecutive Investor in Human Capital Accreditation

Alexander Mann Solutions Again Earns Prestigious Emblem

Management Observatory Foundation

回顾原文 点击这里 2016年11月10日

Talent acquisition and management provider, Alexander Mann Solutions, has been awarded a prestigious accreditation in Poland for the seventh consecutive year; the Investor in Human Capital.

The "Investor in Human Capital" emblem is given to desired employers. Companies that take care their employees have the best possible conditions and tools to work and develop their competencies.


The emblem communicates that the HR department does their job in a way business expects it. For employees who work and want to work in our company it guarantees the highest quality of the company as an employer. 

"It is also a clear indicator for the HR dept. that what they do and how they do it means reconciling business and employees' needs," stresses Barbara Bojarczuk, Personal and Administration Director at Decora S.A.

To learn more about the accreditation visit here.

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