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Scalable excellence

Administration, as an area of the talent acquisition function, often suffers from lack of investment. This can cause organisations to struggle to build a sustainable, scalable model that can handle the volume of activities. Our distinctive single process Talent Acquisition Administration outsourcing model provides specialist and dedicated support for in-house recruitment functions, typically in large multinational organisations.

From our experiences across the world, we see that many in-house talent acquisition leaders face real challenges with adherence to process. How can they ensure their functions consistently, demonstrably and compliantly follow the required steps, maximizing the use of their applicant tracking systems (ATS) or other supporting technologies?

We recognise that operational excellence - effectively getting the basics right - is the key to success, evolution and innovation with talent acquisition. That's why administration is an integral part of our suite of outsourcing solutions.

Administration is our specialism

To ensure we have the right type of talent for our clients' needs we have designed career paths, and associated training and development programmes, specific to Talent Acquisition Administration.

As a standalone service, Talent Acquisition Administration enhances the capability and capacity of your in-house team. This enables your team to focus on building stakeholder relationships or sourcing and assessing the talent you need.

We can use your technology platforms and work within your brand to manage any of the administrative tasks you require. From requisition administration to vacancy posting, from hiring manager and candidate helpdesks to interview scheduling - we work with you to design a tailored service.

Leverage our deep implementation expertise to ensure your processes and enabling technologies deliver the most effective and efficient outcomes and are demonstrable through reporting, as well as ensuring an exquisite experience for candidate, employees, recruiters and hiring managers throughout the process.



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