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Redeployment & Outplacement

Redeployment & Outplacement

Enhance performance and protect your brand

Organisations must constantly monitor costs, regardless of economic climate. Adjusting strategies and adapting organisational structures to meet the latest realities. The goal, of course, is to improve the business. And sometimes that means right-sizing and reorganising staff. These are highly complex initiatives, fraught with risk. Executed poorly, they can damage business performance.

Reorganisations can make employees feeling anxious and frustrated. These feelings are most acute for displaced employees, of course, but they also affect those who remain. Witnessing friends and colleagues leave can damage a retained employee's sense of loyalty, especially if they feel the process was handled poorly. Sub-optimally executed outplacement programmes threaten to negatively impact your employer brand, damaging your ability to attract and retain top talent.

Our outplacement services provide a wealth of experience and support for organisations navigating these difficult initiatives. 

We can map your future talent requirements and design optimal structures through our Strategic Workforce Planning consulting capabilities. Our Assessment Consulting programmes are designed to help you identify the employees best suited for remaining and available roles. Our Internal Mobility teams seek out redeployment opportunities for affected employees. And our career coaches can help support outplaced employees in finding new work. Meanwhile, our branding experts work to maintain your market presence, mitigating any potential effect on the employer brand.

Flexible outplacement and redeployment services

We work closely with your talent teams to deliver the following services:

  • Internal mobility and redeployment
  • Specialist assessment and tools
  • Innovative outplacement services powered by leading-edge job matching technologies
  • Effective post-settlement career coaching support 
  • Talent acquisition practitioners with up-to-date industry insight

Our solutions are flexible, cost effective and highly customised to your specific requirements. We provide transparent performance metrics and service level agreements, giving you peace of mind that your outplacement programme is working effectively - and aligned with your business needs.

When reductions or restructurings are imminent, our Outplacement & Redeployment team is poised to help. Our team has unrivalled expertise in the issues organisations face in all economic climates. And it draws upon a wealth of experience covering multiple sectors, industries and geographies.


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