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Internal Workforce

Internal Workforce

Solutions for your own talent

The internal workforce is all-too-often overlooked. Over the last decade we've extended our outsourcing solutions to bring the internal workforce into talent acquisition and management strategies. How? By developing and managing numerous Internal Mobility programmes - from global to local, self-service to fully managed. Our range of flexible solutions are designed to provide enhanced expertise and capability.

One theme has remained consistent in our internal workforce solutions, even as we've evolved them with links to our innovation programmes and to changing dynamics in the labour marketplace. That theme is exquisite employee experience.

Authentic brand experiences

Whether you need to develop and train your internal talent, or to implement a redeployment programme and right size the workforce. Experience is everything.

To do this, we align each Internal Workforce Programme we work on with your employee value proposition, including how it is expressed through your employer brand. This is essential to ensure engagement, retention and employee advocacy.

The latest technologies enable our services in this area, with providers ranging from Avature to Rolepoint and Oracle to Successfactors.


Case Study: Redeployment for Cobham

In the project's first year Alexander Mann Solutions successfully redeployed approximately 530 employees, saving our client approximately £15 million.

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