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Statement of Work

Statement of Work

Tackling Your Hidden Non-Permanent Workforce with Statement of Work Solutions & Consulting

It is well documented that a typical organisation’s labour spend is significantly larger through Statement of Work (SoW) than via more traditional categories of contingent labour, i.e., time & materials headcount, limited company contractors and pay as you earn (PAYE) workers. A general lack of visibility and control of SoW engagements and the associated worker population makes it difficult to manage the costs, skills and risks across your organisation.

Over the last few years, organisations have increased their focus on SoW due to a variety of factors including recent regulations placing stricter guidelines on worker classifications. We have seen this scrutiny of SoW particularly within organisations with a mature contingent workforce solution. Organisations with Managed Service Providers in place are looking to bring SoW in scope of their contingent labour programmes; this is predominantly to achieve the following:

  • To mitigate risk and improve compliance
  • To manage and reduce cost
  • To attract the best talent and become the ‘client of choice'
  • To gain visibility of the skills engaged to inform broader talent acquisition strategies
  • To ensure established processes are used to obtain services and resources
  • To leverage technologies that improve the hiring manager experience, speed of contracting and deployment of SoW

SoW Maturity Curve
We have designed a SoW Maturity Curve to help organisations define how mature they are in relation to the management and control of their SoW spend and populations, and guide them through a journey of implementing the controls and solutions to evolve.

SOW Maturity Curve Visual

Our Statement of Work Solutions
We have developed a range of solutions to support clients in the identification, management and optimization of Statement of Work talent.

  • SoW Strategy – We will undertake a detailed review of your current approach to SoW management, including conducting discovery interviews with key stakeholders and users in order to produce a comprehensive report that outlines your organisational risk and provides strategic SoW programme recommendations.
  • SoW Risk Mitigation – We will perform a comprehensive diagnostic of your incumbent SoW population identifying true SoW services and disguised headcount, bringing visibility to who they are, what they are delivering and what they have access to.  In addition, we will identify and mitigate risk through a tailored list of controls from our established SoW Controls Framework and implement a suite of reports to ensure ongoing visibility for your organisation.

    >SoW Disguised Headcount We will establish a robust programme to identify disguised headcount and re-align resources to the correct category and/or supply chain. This solution will reduce organisational cost through correct classification of resources, increasing visibility of time & materials contingent labour resources.

  • SoW Administration – We will facilitate a front-end request process for all new SoW requirements through the creation of a dedicated SoW team. This proposition can operate on either side of the existing supplier selection process which enables customers to continue to manage the bid process, whilst delivering an overarching solution to effectively increase levels of control, visibility, reporting and tracking of SoW requirements and mitigation of risks.
  • SoW RFx Facilitation – We will institute a dedicated team to facilitate the end-to-end bid and delivery management process for new closed-market SoW requirements; focusing on the high volume/lower value transactions, reducing the administration burden from the procurement function whilst improving the quality of supply through the competitive process and clearly defined SoW requirements. Through this proposition, we will create SoW documentation with clear milestones, track associated milestones through to completion, monitor and report on Supplier performance, and facilitate the associated payments.
  • SoW Micro Work Package – We will source, engage, contract and supply SoW resources against client defined SoW requirements. Through our ability to directly source SoW resources we will reduce the usage of 3rd parties resulting in significant cost savings and increased visibility of the life cycle of SoW requests through tailored reporting.
  • SoW VMS Design & Implementation – We will project manage the design and implementation of the SoW module of your VMS, utilising the expertise of our expert Technology Consulting team to guide your design thinking.
  • Concierge Support Service – We will deploy a team of Concierge Consultants accountable for supporting managers in making the right resourcing/buying decisions.  By arming business managers with key knowledge and insights, these consultants will help managers feel informed and empowered to “do the right thing” for their business function. Managers will retain accountability for decision making, but they will receive expert guidance throughout their requirement. This proposition will act as a coaching and education function ensuring managers better understand all of the commercial and risk implications of their hiring decisions.
If you would like to learn more, please get in touch via our Contact Us form.

SoW Solutions Overview

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