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Managed Service Provider

Managed Service Provider

Contingent workforce solutions

Contingent workforces provide significant capacity for organisations, especially in times of rapid growth and change. These workers bridge the gap between the current permanent workforce capability or capacity and the organisation’s needs. This is particularly important in sectors that have cyclical or seasonal peaks in activity, in times of economic uncertainty and in rapidly moving industries. Our Managed Service Provider (MSP) solutions enable our clients to maximise their own efficiency.

Recognised business drivers for MSP

Our clients find that our managed service provider solutions for the contingent workforce can answer numerous specific business needs including:

Efficient processing - timely sourcing and onboarding of new workers is critical to ensure an effective, repeatable, compliant service. Our processes are enabled through effective Vendor Management System (VMS) technologies, which we review regularly to ensure optimum delivery for our clients.

Risk mitigation - the contingent worker landscape is highly controlled with frequent changes in regulations that vary across geographies, our Business Assurance function ensures that regulatory controls and compliance are understood and operationalised across our solutions. Thus enabling us to continuously monitor and manage risk for and on behalf of our clients.

Visibility and Control - control on worker spend can be achieved by deploying the right service and technology solution across the organisation. With access to historic data and trend analysis, our clients can make informed decisions and maintain control of their worker spend.

Cost-effective sourcing channels - often a blend of direct sourcing channels and trusted supplier partners - ensure that client time, quality and cost requirements are met. By taking a partnership approach to suppliers, working collaboratively and motivating them, we're able to achieve the best results for our clients.

Further cost savings - these can be achieved through application of extensive knowledge and detailed insight into market and organisational trends. These help our clients to maximise usage of the right source of workers and understand rate trending; all to achieve bankable cost savings as well as quantifiable cost avoidance.

Candidate and hiring manager experience - is at the forefront of our design principals. We work with our clients and suppliers to ensure that all service users receive a quality experience. From an initial requirement or application submission, to the ongoing assignment management throughout the worker’s tenure.

Finally, our clients can benefit from Alexander Mann Solutions' centres of excellence in our Global Client Service Centres (GCSC). These enable us to take a flexible approach to peaks and dips in hiring activity, ensuring that we can respond rapidly to shifts in demand and changes to organisational focus. Our shared service centres scale up or down as required, while maintaining client-centric knowledge and expertise.

Deploying the right solution

We will work with you to understand your business needs and develop a solution that infuses best practice with business requirements. By deploying efficient processes - underpinned by best in class technology - we help you deliver effective workforce management, as well as appropriate visibility and analytics.

When it comes to implementing your managed service provider solution, you can take advantage of our extensive experience from over 20 years of service deployment, including in programme governance. We support you throughout your change journey. Ensuring clearly and timely communications for service users, minimising business disruption and delivering your managed service provider solution on time.



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