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Market & Competitive Intelligence

Market & Competitive Intelligence

Understanding the talent market

Organisations face a great many dynamic and nuanced challenges in today’s global markets. We see these dynamics through the lens that matters most to you: resource. By understanding the factors, large and small, that will impact your hiring strategies Alexander Mann Solutions can help you strategically position your organisation.

To build a truly effective talent acquisition strategy, you need to understand the fine points that drive talent dynamics in your industry. You need to know - precisely - why attracting software engineers to work at your newly acquired facility in Silicon Valley may be vastly different from hiring the same engineers at your location in Austin, Texas. You need to understand your customers so you can meet their expectations, and know your competitors so that you can position yourself as an employer of choice.

Our research services support our specialist teams at Alexander Mann Solutions and our clients worldwide. They can be provided as standalone services or as part of a broader RPO partnership. And they are highly customised to each client’s unique needs and specifications.

Our services include:

  • Succession planning and flight risk mitigation
  • Diversity planning
  • Candidate perception analysis
  • Market assessments
  • Competitor assessments
  • Compensation research
  • Microeconomic and macroeconomic research
  • Demographics
  • Job and position titles

Global and local intelligence

Our analysts combine their own deep experience in talent acquisition and management with effective research tools. By forming a clear view of your talent landscape we can help you to plan and find the talent you need. With our global presence in over 80 countries we bring distinctive local market knowledge to every engagement.

At Alexander Mann Solutions we know research and competitive intelligence is about more than just talent mapping. It’s about making better-informed decisions that support your talent acquisition goals, reduce risk, and help achieve your long-term business strategy.

Case Study: Sector reporting for an aeronautics firm

We were appointed by an aeronautics firm to provide an update on their main competitors' activities.

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