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Executive RPO

Executive RPO

Finding the leaders of today and tomorrow

High performing executives are in constant demand. As seasoned professionals they can be relied upon to implement strategies and inspire others to follow their lead. Finding them when - and where - you need them is a constant challenge. But the payoffs can be significant.

Fast-growing companies typically have a steady requirement for new executive talent. When your needs are more predictable - and you expect ten or more executive hires per year - we often recommend an embedded on-site executive recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) solution. Outsourcing executive-level hiring requires a very different approach compared to other positions. It requires a talent acquisition professional who genuinely understands how to work with senior individuals, and the appropriate processes for hiring them.

Embedding into your team

In this scenario we would embed one of our experienced executive sourcing experts on site with your talent acquisition team. This is often a full-time role, reviewed on a regular basis depending on the volume of your requirements and changing priorities.

By co-locating with your team our talent acquisition experts can develop detailed, first-hand knowledge of your business—both short-term needs and long-term strategy. We live within your culture so that we are able to best represent you in the market and find people who will thrive in your environment. Through our ongoing relationships with your hiring managers and executives we deliver a consistently positive candidate experience to all strategic hires.

The executive expert we select for you is backed by the same comprehensive set of research capabilities and services we deliver to all our executive search clients. We are highly research-driven and offer market mapping to identify a particular level or skillset across a market sector. Whether your requirements are for benchmarking or for identifying trends and best practices.

Our Executive RPO solutions are perfect for dynamic, fast-growing organisations. Scalable, flexible and highly effective, Executive RPO can meet your ongoing executive talent acquisition needs.
Case Study: End-to-end programme for a leading bank

A unique outsourced workforce solution from Alexander Mann Solutions delivered £2.8 million in cost savings through an on-site and off-site delivery model.

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