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Virtual Internship Platform

Virtual Internship Platform
Graduates thrive in a digital world. 
Give them an internship programme to match.

No one knows the digital world quite like the talent just entering the workforce. As all aspects of talent acquisition moves to digital and virtual options, engaging and retraining early careers talent must adapt as well—and they are expecting it to move quickly. However, the biggest mistake that is all too often made in this transition is the assumption that the existing programme content can simply be moved into a virtual environment. Time and attention must be paid to adapting these programmes to provide a cohesive, impactful, and positive candidate experience. 

Introducing the Virtual Internship Platform
While there are many tools that can address pieces and parts of an internship in a virtual setting, it’s essential to look at the whole of the intern experience and aim to create the same impact as they might experience live. Candidate engagement and stakeholder buy-in are the keys to success.  

With this in mind, we’ve taken the expertise of our Early Careers team in designing successful internship programmes and powered it with the technical expertise and proven platform of Meet & Engage to develop the AMS Virtual Internship Platform (VIP). VIP provides a streamlined candidate journey and a cohesive framework for designing an internship using systems and content you already have or adding new modules to fill any gaps.

The Virtual Internship Platform features:

  • Easy access and simple to use—Accessible on any device with a familiar social-style interface
  • Intuitive workflow design—drag and drop customisation of the candidate journey, including the length of internship
  • Flexible content—options to support the intention of each element of your programme
  • Real-time engagement and experience monitoring—recruiter/hiring manager and a detailed analytics dashboard

Virtual Internships that minimise the virtual and maximise the internship 
Virtual Internships new options and possibilities beyond the limits of the traditional, face-to-face internship. The Virtual Internship Platform helps ensure that your internship programme doesn’t use the word “virtual” as an apologetic caveat and delivers on your promise of an exceptional candidate experience.

Engagement beyond internships
The move to virtual for early careers and campus recruiting doesn’t stop at internships. This same platform can also be applied to onboarding, graduate inductions, and even “keep warm” initiatives.

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