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Getting There First – How to Win the Battle for Campus Talent in the US

When it comes to the management and development of human resources within organizations, few – if any – countries take the subject quite as seriously as the US. Which is perhaps why the US has been responsible for some of the most significant developments in the discipline – from the Myers-Briggs test to shared services, centers of excellence and business partners – for well over a hundred years and why HR specialists globally might be hard pressed to deny that, what the US does today, the world does tomorrow. 

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 Thinking about your college hiring strategy?
Our exciting new white paper Getting there first - how to win the battle for campus talent in the US explores innovative developments and highlights best practices in the sourcing of high-caliber graduates from our extensive network of companies across the US including BNP Paribas, Medtronic, Merck & Co, Rolls Royce, Synchrony Financial, and more.

In this white paper we will be looking at the campus talent landscape in the US and examine how major employers are engaging with, assessing and finally hiring members of this all-important audience. 

Engaging and attracting a new generation of campus talent, perhaps with different motivating factors from their predecessors, is one of the most significant challenges in HR, and specifically in talent acquisition, today. The question is, are US employers still leading the way? 

This research explores:

Early engagement
When is the right time to start talking to your audience?
The role of the internship
The internship model could be in an era of transition
Showing up
How important is physical presence on campus?
Preparing the ground
The promise of online engagement
Tackling the diversity challenge
Not just the ‘right’ thing to do, but a commercial imperative
Talking the Gen Z language
Does the new generation need new messages?

This, like all the white papers we produce, is not designed to be a definitive and exclusive ‘how to’ guide to, but instead aims to highlight some of best practice and innovative developments in the sourcing of high-calibre graduates in the US and to help you shape a talent strategy that will work most effectively for your organisation.

We hope that it proves both interesting and useful.


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