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Global Shared Service Centres | Webcast

Your Gateway to a World of Success | Establishing Shared Service Centres as the Backbone of Business Results

Watch the new webcast with Tom Crowfoot, our Head of Market and Competitive Intelligence, and Jolanta Gantkowska, our Global Director of GSSCs. In it, they share insights into the evolution and impact of the growing Shared Service Centre Industry and tips for how a business can make the most of these increasingly in demand hubs of delivery.

In this engaging presentation, our experts unveil where the top locations are globally to open a service centre today. They also break-down how an organisation can create a centre-infrastructure that becomes the backbone of business success.

There is no question that the industry is thriving, with over 75,000 new shared services centres expected to be established globally by 2022, representing a 30% increase since 2015.  Whether for cost saving reasons, strategic positioning, to establish a key infrastructure, all of the above, or otherwise, it’s likely your business is going to be taking a closer look at its Shared Services Centre strategy.

That’s why Alexander Mann Solutions invites you to join our Head of Market and Competitive Intelligence, along with our Global Director of GSSCs, experts with daily hands-on, relevant experiences, as they share results from our recent research into the topic, coupled with wisdom from the field.

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Our experts discuss..

Research Revelation
Why, What and How...


Top Cities for Shared Service Centres
Unveiling and Visiting the Locals, plus a Regional Comparative Analysis


Walking the Talk
Lessons From Our Global Shared Service Centres and a Client Support Story 



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