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Catalyst Magazine | Issue 3

Catalyst Magazine | Issue 3

Welcome to the third issue of Catalyst, written exclusively for Alexander Mann Solutions’ global network of clients, connections and partners. From robots taking over repetitive tasks, to people working remotely without ever meeting their managers, there is no doubt that the world of work is changing.

Which is why the timing is right to share with you the first 2019 issue of our flagship publication. Its aim, during this period of exponential change, is to keep you up to speed on industry topics and the latest thought leadership related to the world of talent and work. 

Our renowned bi-annual magazine gives us the opportunity to provide you with a curated collection of content comprised of exclusive views and opinions from some of the top talent acquisition and management leaders, those at the businesses of our incredible clients and other world-leading companies of the same stature. 

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This edition offers their insights around the pressing topics of AI & Tech in Hiring, The Workforce of the Future, Employee and Candidate Experience, and Diversity & Inclusion, within the following features:

The Age of the Deconstructed Team
A disjointed workforce brings new challenges and opportunities
Workforce Transformation
Planning for an unpredictable future

The Promise of Artificial Intelligence
AI Technology could improve and democratise the hiring process

Taking the Employee Experience Approach
Scrutinise your employee value proposition
Moving the Dial On Diversity
How to accelerate the rate of progress on diversity and inclusion

These stories, and many more, including articles containing the voices of our own experts, who share takeaways from the talent excellence we’ve achieved together with our clients, await discovery by you.

We’re proud to give all of these perspectives the attention they deserve in the form of this engaging, in-depth publication:

We hope you enjoy the issue and that it provides you with a taste of the pace, scope and variety of change impacting the world of work.


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