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Catalyst Magazine | Issue 1

Catalyst Magazine | Issue 1

Welcome to the first edition of Alexander Mann Solutions' new magazine and platform for thought leadership in the evolving world of talent acquisition and management.

Catalyst was created to be an agent of change, inspiring innovation, encouraging collaboration, provoking debate and showcasing best practice - our own and that of our customers.

At Alexander Mann Solutions, we work across countries, sectors and industries, enabling the sharing and cross-pollination of ideas and practices, and supporting business transformation through our consulting arm, Talent Collective.

The magazine is designed to reflect the significance of technology as we enter the 'fourth industrial revolution', the ongoing need for organisations to develop their people, and the challenge to look around corners in order to stay ahead of the game.

This issue covers...

Digital Innovation
Revolutionise your recruitment with tech
Artificial intelligence and robotics will transform candidate experience

How to meet the challenge of the future workplace
Alain de Botton on keeping one step ahead of technological advancement

Engaging candidates in the Age of the Customer

Adapting consumer technology to the candidate journey


Talent Centric
Maintaining the talent pipeline
Heads of Resourcing outline their current priorities

Rebuilding trust after turbulence
HomeServe's CEO explains the benefits of putting your people first

Preparing for the future of work
Tips on future-proofing your talent strategy from Santander's Hema Bakhshi

Driving talent acquisition efficiency at Medtronic
Markus Pflanz on how Medtronic is introducing flexibility through RPO

A new era of apprenticeship
Tim Campbell calls for multiple pathways into the workplace and an emphasis on inclusion

Benefits from the Apprenticeship Levy
How to turn a major social change into a robust talent strategy

A military step towards workforce inclusion
The cultural and commercial value of employing veterans 


Future Proof
Being entrepreneurial: the power of resilience
Award-winning CEO Rosaleen Blair shares her journey to build Alexander Mann Solutions

Entrepreneurship in action
The mutual benefits of partnerships between entrepreneurial organisations

Lynda Gratton: Transparency will define our era of work

How successful leaders connect business interests with those of the wider world

Developing an entrepreneurial culture
Harvard Business School's Amy C. Edmondson on making space for innovation

The traits of an entrepreneur 
Leading academics' insights into what makes an entrepreneur

What makes a growth leader?
How to generate growth through innovation

Our upcoming events
Roundtables, webinars and other events for your diary


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