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Staffing a new location for Deutsche Bank

Staffing a new location for a Deutsche bank

Alexander Mann Solutions supported this organisation ahead of the opening of a new Global Technology Centre in Bucharest, where software engineers would be employed to develop leading applications. Like any organisation staffing a new office in a completely new location, our client faced numerous challenges.


The Challenge

- Announce Deutsche Bank's arrival as an employer in Bucharest, Romania, despite very low awareness of the brand, values and culture that sets the bank apart

- Attract skilled software engineers for the new Global Technology Centre

- Source 50 hires in 2013, up to 250 hires for 2014 and 500 hires by 2016

- Scarce information on competitor activity and resources, or on engaging the workforce

- Minimal recruitment team, no managed talent pool, no existing personnel


The Solution

To understand perceptions of Deutsche Bank in Bucharest, Alexander Mann Solutions carried out an initial talent mapping process. After identifying 270 qualified potential candidates we selected 25 for short qualitative interviews.

We used our research to understand the gaps between our client's offering and market perceptions, and the media channels most frequently accessed by this audience. And, from this, created a targeted proposition to attract and engage strong candidates:

Grow your long-term career in a strong, supportive and stable environment, where your voice is heard and you're in charge of your future. You can drive change - Deutsche Bank is what you make it.

Through our proposition and media insights we developed powerful, compelling and relevant messages. By incorporating these with the Alexander Mann Solutions global toolkit - used for professional hiring campaigns around the world - we ensured our creative campaign resonated in the right places:

- Deutsche Bank Global Technology Centre, Bucharest careers site landing page

- Outdoor advertising in high footfall areas

- Stand at the Top Employers technology event in Bucharest

- Online advertising, social profiling techniques

- Careers event where candidates could be interviewed

- Recruiter tools from local agencies and Deutsche Bank

- Post-interview materials

- Distinctive office branding that reinforced the proposition

We knew candidates were more likely to change their preconceptions about Deutsche Bank after experiencing the office culture first hand. So we held a two-day careers session in the Bucharest office, supported by relevant branding throughout.

In order to hire 45 – 50 skilled software engineers before the initial deadline, we aimed for 1,000 applications with a target of inviting 130 quality screened candidates to the event.

The Result

- 104 pre-screen candidates interviewed

- 47 job offers, hitting the target five months ahead of the initial deadline

- 12 candidates in talent pool for future opportunities

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