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Attracting specialists for BAE Submarines

Attracting specialists for BAE Submarines

During this branding project it became clear to us that Alexander Mann Solutions needed to do more than simply introduce our client to their audience. It would be essential to think differently and express the history of submarine construction in Barrow.

The Challenge

- Attract professional, skilled engineers to BAE Submarines

- Create a video-based campaign

- Client desire to do something different

- Budget of £75,000 including media


The Solution

BAE Submarines planned to increase production of submarines at Barrow, and the business needed a pipeline of talented people to support its contracts.

Alexander Mann Solutions began by holding focus groups across BAE, to understand the roles and careers of engineers already with the company. The pride engendered by the work, the longevity of the project and the scale of the task gave us our key messages. It became clear we needed to do more than introduce the BAE team to their audience. We had to think differently and express the history of submarine construction in Barrow.

Poetic inspiration

Our client had expressed a desire to do something different so we took them at their word. Looking to history for inspiration we found it in abundance in Rudyard Kipling's poem Tin Fish. Poetry isn't often a part of employer branding, but it was perfect for our video concept. We brought the story right up-to-date and and filmed a narrative about the individuals at Barrow, and how every job is vital when building submarines.

For authenticity we cast real individuals and chose the iconic Devonshire Dock Hall in Barrow as the location, which provided incredibly dramatic shots.

Media planning

Equally bold, Alexander Mann Solutions devised a highly targeted media plan to bring the campaign to market and make best use of the budget.

As well as using generic jobs boards, we also included a Google Adwords campaign with highly specific keywords. These were backed by rich media banners on Jobsite and other niche sites, which played the video. Targeted emails were sent to subscribers of The Engineer website, supporting a wallpaper takeover. And we used Specific Media to serve a range of banners to over 1 million websites aligned to campaign objectives.


The Result

- 2,333,885 impressions across media outlets in just three months

- 21% lift in click through rate (CTR) compared with the network average of 0.05%, a significant result given the relatively small, highly targeted media spend

- 7,779 click throughs and 50 candidate applications for some of the hardest-to-find skill sets

- £900 cost-per-application rate, very effective and a low figure for a niche role

- 200% increase in traffic to the Submarines jobs landing page

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