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Attracting graduates for Atos

Attracting graduates for Atos

Attracting graduates for Atos

IT services company Atos appointed Alexander Mann Solutions to attract technical and business graduates to a company that few of them knew much about. Our brief was to turn what candidates didn't know into a positive engagement message, within strict brand guidelines.


The Challenge

- Overcome low client brand recognition among students and graduates

- Negative media coverage of a client contract at the time had further unique implications, including no use of social media and no marketing presence on campus

- Challenging IT landscape - in 2013 only 57.9% of IT graduates worked as IT professionals, yet since 2007 graduate vacancies across IT and Telecoms have increased 77.1%

- UK industry needed 50% more Science Technology Engineering and Maths (STEM) qualified graduates than UK universities were producing


The Solution

Initial research helped us understand our client's target audience perceptions. 78% of graduates and two-thirds of IT graduates said they'd never heard of Atos. Combined learning highlighted a serious lack of knowledge about Atos, who they were and what they do.

Based on our insights we chose to surprise candidates with Atos facts. These revealed the scope of our client's work, the decisions they placed in a hired graduate’s hands and their desire to attract graduates with imagination, drive and ability. We articulated this in a brand proposition:

Atos does extraordinary things, and everything Atos does is powered by people. Powered by you.

The strap line "Progress Powered By You" allowed us to combine impressive corporate information with a strong call-to-action. A series of campaign lines expressing amazing facts were designed to make the audience stop, think and learn.

Engaging with games

Our on-campus solution was to create a unique interactive game, using four iPads and a large touch screen TV, housed alongside brochures and giveaways in a branded gazebo.

Alexander Mann Solutions designed the game to present facts about our client's graduate programme in a fun and engaging way. Game content was tailored to the two key audiences - business and technical - with profiles of former graduates. Players progressed through three rounds: Jigsaw, where they built an Atos fact; Anagram, where they guessed an Atos fact; and Matching Pairs, where they grouped Atos facts.

Multiple variations of rounds and a final multiple choice question tested how much Atos information the player had retained. Progress throughout was timed, reflecting the notion of the activity being 'powered by you'. With a high scores leaderboard and iPad prize driving friendly competition.

The Result

- Captured candidate data, creating a pipeline for the next graduate intake

- Increase student interest in Atos and gave them a reason to engage

- Raised recognition of career opportunities

- Measurably improved candidate experience through post-completion feedback

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