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Talent Challenges? We have a solution.

Alexander Mann Solutions' Innovation Practice is looking at problems in different ways, to find new solutions, with clear business benefits. We are curious and experimental, looking at our market and adjacent markets for inspiration. The world of talent is constantly changing. Innovative new ideas, techniques and technologies are reshaping how organisations source, assess, engage and retain high performing talent. But that's not where we start. We start by understanding what is relevant for you. For example, delivering hand written notes to thousands of unsuccessful candidates may not feel innovative, but it may be absolutely relevant.

Our Innovation Practice continues the Alexander Mann Solutions tradition of looking ahead, and around corners, help organisations to map their talent future.

We help you ask the obvious and sometimes not-so-obvious questions, to find the answers that shape your future:

  • How will predictive analytics and social data change the way you hire and retain employees?
  • How can we measure candidate experience, for all, in real-time?
  • How and where will we use the science of matching to personalise our talent processes?

Understanding why innovation happens
We know that the best innovations come from people who have lived them. People who have recognised a challenge or opportunity in their business, then worked to solve it. This may be as simple as tweaking a process, or as complex as exploring then implementing technologies to gain new capabilities.

Our mission is to understand how such innovations happen, and to learn which new tools and ways of working help drive positive change for the talent acquisition and management function.

Driving change in acquisition
We cultivate a start-up mentality at Alexander Mann Solutions through our Innovation Practice. This Practice draws upon the passion and ideas of more than 4,000 people across our global firm. Their real-life experiences, working on the front lines with our clients, inspire and drive innovation. To put their innovative ideas into practice we partner with some of the world’s leading technology providers, and transform how talent acquisition is executed and enabled.

Together, every day, we’re working on the frontiers of our industry. Designing fresh, creative solutions to the toughest talent challenges. Our goal? To help our clients anticipate - and take advantage - of what lies ahead.


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